About Kat

Who is Kat? I am ...

a Vermonter who has lived in seven states and on two continents since emerging from my native Cleveland. (Yes, it rocks.) Before taking up writing professionally, I worked as

  • a preschool teacher (fun, exhausting)
  • an office manager (not fun, exhausting)
  • a storyteller (fun, more fun)
  • a licensed massage therapist (rewarding, but tough on the wrists)

Somewhere along the way, I realized a few things:

  1. I have a superpower: making complex information engaging and easy to understand through words.
  2. I'm a great sidekick. I love making the hero of the story look good and helping them land on their feet. I'm not so much into trying on capes herself.
  3. Those two things fit together remarkably well in today's small business world.
  4. Holy crap, I'm a writer. Origin story complete.

When I'm not helping you take on the world, my domestic alter-ego lives in Vermont with a husband and half a dozen long-suffering houseplants. I  may or may not be the villain in the plants' story. Alas, unless the philodendron starts blogging, we may never know.

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